Greg Oden Looks Good in Scrimmage With Jiangsu Dragons

Last week we saw Greg Oden dominate his first practice with the Jiangsu Dragons, dunking all over his new teammates in the post. But in case you were wondering how his tryout (pre-contract) with the Dragons went, we now have some video via HDXposure.

The description:

Greg Oden flew to China for his tryout as his team was worried about his health condition. Wearing a Knee Brace, Greg was able to complete all workouts and went through 2 days of Full Court Scrimmages against his teammates. After his medical and holding his own during his tryout the team announced his signing right after the last quarter of scrimmages. He flies back home to the USA and the team expects him to arrive on October 1st for training camp and get in shape for the upcoming 2015/16 CBA Season.

Looks like Greg more than settled the Dragons’ fears about his health. As you can see in the video above, Greg did more than just complete all his workouts — the guy was bringing the ball up court, dropping in hook shots, nailing short jumpers and bullying defenders in the post. It’s a flashback GO we never thought we’d see again.

And discovering CBA training camp doesn’t start until October now makes his bachelorette party appearance in Portland make more sense.