36 NSFW Black Dudes React To Teflon Tom Beating The NFL



It’s all over. I don’t care what ESPN is saying, the Deflategate case is officially over. Tom Brady’s suspension has been lifted. He’ll play in Week 1. Roger Goodell made himself into a bigger heel in a case of heel vs. heel. The NFL comes out of this spending like $10 million or so in legal fees, but think of all the drama that was created this summer. Patriots-Steelers ratings a week from today will be insane.

Hell yes NSFW Black Dudes came out with incredible takes on this whole matter. There was support for Teflon beating a rap. There was disdain. There was utter anger. There was concern over fantasy football. There was anger at Roger. Name a feeling and NSFW Black Dudes expressed them this morning.

This is why we started NSFW Black Dudes so long ago. You want real passion in analysis? Here you go.