Meet Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Heidi West

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Considering that the Titans play in the country music capital of Nashville, it only makes sense that one of their cheerleaders is pursuing a music career on the side. That cheerleader is a transplant from San Francisco, Heidi West.
Heidi is entering her fourth year on the squad, and we are absolutely thrilled for her. Why? Well, after enduring the play of quarterbacks like Jake Locker, post-prime Matt Hasselbeck and Ryan Fitzpatrick, she might actually see a good one in Marcus Mariota. Or he could bust, but we’re hoping that’s not the case!

Fun facts about Heidi:

  • San Francisco Giants fan
  • The Titans website would like you to know she is single
  • Maybe the only cheerleader on iTunes? Her EP, “My Stupid Heart,” has a five-star rating.

[Heidi West- IG]

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