Kate Bock With A Pig, Magic Johnson’s Son Parading & Gisele At Dance Class

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ONE MORE DAY! ONE MORE! One more day of U.S. Open and baseball before we actually get back to watching legitimate football. So suffer through it. Rest up the liver. Let your wife have the remote one last time. Work on your fantasy projections. Figure out what spreads you’re going to hammer on Thursday night. Figure out how much bankroll you have to play with. It’s coming!

SI model Kate Bock holding a pig …. I’M DONE FOR THE DAY

D Wade & Gab Union hit some island for anniversary fun

Magic Johnson’s son parading around LA in dress

Auburn Krystal takes a shot at Louisville

Gisele dance class video for all the Tom Brady lovers

CMU went nuts during 1st week of school —- sooooo drunk

Keep an eye on American Tatiana Dieteman — trust me here

Meet Talia from Chapman U.

Michigan Men Being Michigan Men Video of the Year

Sandwich of the Day

Buttermilk fried chicken sandwich with slaw, spicy mayo and house made sriracha from @lilbreadcg pic.twitter.com/SQaTQTuCWK

— Fatgirl Hedonist (@FatgirlHedonist) September 1, 2015


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