Check Out This North Dakota State Tailgate Bus — $14,000

North Dakota fans are likely stuck in sulk-mode after their shocking season opening defeat to Montana, but we have to remind Bison Nation it’s only the first game of the season. Sh*t happens. The chase for a fifth straight FCS National Championship isn’t dead yet, so buck up and look forward to a thrashing of Weber State Saturday.
And if that doesn’t do it for you, maybe retail therapy in the form of a 1989 Ford Bison tailgate bus will lift your spirits. It’s way cheaper than the 1978 MCI bus we featured last week, comes with a TV and has a built-in bar. Basically it’s everything you could possibly want.
Additional details from the owner:

This Mother of a bus has a 429 with 166K
Over $26,000 Invested in making this the ultimate Party bus! This bus has all you need and more in making you the center of attention! This bus comes with a 32″ Flat screen tv, built in bar and storage bar covered in actual turf, a boomin 3,000 watt stereo system, and built in booths with custom table top skins.

Honestly, the table top skins and seats are actually pretty nice. The school bus vibe is definitely less pronounced.

And here’s the bar and TV area:

$14,000 is still a bit rich, but the seller did state he’s willing to haggle with serious buyers.

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