Buy This Creeper Nebraska Tailgate RV — $3,500

Still in need of a Nebraska tailgate vehicle for the big home opener against BYU? If you are that procrastinator, you’re in luck, because we’ve come across this Cornhuskers inspired 1972 Dodge van.
As you can see above, there’s absolutely nothing special going on here. No autographs, no leather seats or televisions — just a rusting vehicle that can get you from point A to point B in Nebraska creeper style.
According to the seller, the tires are new so at the very least you have that going for you:

For Sale: 1972 Dodge with a 413 big block. Runs great and new tires.
Football is about to begin, show off your team spirit with this beauty at the games.

The interior is loaded with the typical RV features (stove, microwave, bathroom) and Nebraska curtains:

The asking price is $3,500, which isn’t terrible depending on how desperate you are.

Tom Brady Courtroom Sketch
Tom Brady Courtroom Sketch
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