Lindsey Pelas Wants J.J. Watt





Annnnddddd…things just keeping going good in life for J.J. Watt…if you consider having a shot at Dan Bilzerian’s sloppy seconds is considered living the life. Lindsey Pelas was stopped by TMZ’s hounds at LAX to do a quick chat about life and what athletes she thinks are hot. Of course J.J. Watt would come up. He’s like the only white athlete dude these IG chicks can name off the top of their heads.

So Pelas, who became famous after a career in Louisiana as a Twin Peaks waitress, wants Watt to slide into her DMs. You have to give these IG chicks credit for not being as stupid as you think. They know how to turn a social media account into a job and how to get the attention of the NFL’s biggest badass. But…you can be damn sure Watt isn’t going to be caught coming out of some L.A. restaurant with a Pelas. He has that Gatorade marketing money to think about and now Ford is one of his sponsors.

He’ll have to keep this one quiet if he wants to hop on Bilzerian’s seconds. The only issue: Pelas doesn’t follow Watt on Twitter.

[via TMZ Sports   |   Pelas – IG]

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