Buy This Boise State Tailgating Creeper Van — $7000


We already had a Boise State tailgating van featured here back in May, but this one is absolutely annihilates it. This van is like if that van did a bunch of steroids. Every single part of it is better than the other, which is exactly why they are asking for about 4 grand more.

More details from the seller:

79 Custom tailgating van. To many things came up this year & was unable to renew my tickets. BSU colors inside & out. Wired so a generator can be plugged into it for electric. Has 3 outlets, 42″ TV , Direct TV satellite dish & mounting pole. I haven’t had any problems with the van. Had the rear springs reached last year. Runs & drives great. Phone

One thing that many tailgating vehicles forget about is the interior. They’ll get a nice paint job of their team on the outside, but few go above and beyond and do the same thing for the interior. That’s exactly what this one did. Those orange and blue seats and walls and dashboard takes this thing to the next level. Not to mention the Direct TV and everything else in there.


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