Kate Upton Flew Over Wrigley Field in a P-51 Mustang

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Despite a lack of Justin Verlander on the mound, it’s been an eventful two-game series between the Tigers and Cubs for Kate Upton.
On Tuesday, Upton was subjected to a two-hour plus rain delay, but braved it out like a diehard fan in her poncho:

After putting in major overtime at the park, it wouldn’t have surprised us if Upton skipped out on tonight’s game — but we were wrong. Upton was actually riding in one of the four P-51 Mustangs that flew over Wrigley Field for tonight’s 1945 throwback game:

If you’re like me and wondering what that experience would be like, Upton took us inside the cockpit with a video she uploaded on Instagram:
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Just another reminder that being famous and rich is the best.
[Kate Upton- IG]

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