Marco Rubio Drills Kid In The Head With A Football…Good News Is His Suburban Family Has Quality Health Care

First thing I noticed about this video is that the kid needs to do a better job getting the hands up. Right in front of your face, kid. The other big issue is that Rubio doesn’t lead him. You’re supposed to lead the receiver, Rubio. Ball out in front of the kid so he doesn’t reach above his head and have his ribs caved in by some nasty safety looking to crush him in the numbers.

The other thing I noticed is that this looks like a wealthy neighborhood where the elite suburban dads have prime health care and will be able to pay for the broken nose. This was in Ankeny, Iowa so it should also be noted that this kid will probably grow up to be a big goofy Iowa tight end with MAC speed.

Look at this guy thinking he’s Mark Sanchez.

.@MarcoRubio throws a football, and children line up for their chance to catch. "Go!" he says #iacaucus

— Mackenzie Ryan (@Mackenzie_Ryan) August 18, 2015


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