Lesnar 69 Jersey, Nebraska Cornhuskers Bank Robbery & Bilzerian’s Baggage Handlers

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Michigan fans still running their mouths

I mentioned yesterday on Twitter that I made a quick Costco run on Monday just to get some essentials for the week like Skinny Pop, yogurt, organic chicken. You know, just living the skinny lifestyle around here. Anyway, I’m going through the checkout and there’s this guy — looked about 18 — who was wearing the Costco tire center uniform boxing up my groceries. The tire center must’ve been slow. So he finished up and says, “Have a good day and ‘Go Blue’.” I was wearing my Ohio State hat because I hadn’t showered. It’s a blog thing.

So here’s a guy boxing up my groceries talking shit about Ohio State. This is now the second time I’ve had someone at Costco talking shit about the Buckeyes. The first time it was a guy handing out samples. Not kidding. Just started running his mouth about Ohio State and how Michigan was back because of Harbaugh. Another time I was walking through a park with my family when some kid who couldn’t have been 16 started talking shit.

And you think your school’s rivalry is┬áspecial. It’s a war every single day around these parts. Never ends.

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