Heidi Watney Turns in Underwhelming Ice Bucket Challenge


On Saturday, we discovered that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is still going strong after CBS’ Jenny Dell donned her best jean shorts and threw some water on herself. She also issued one of her nominations to MLB Network’s Heidi Watney, who immediately accepted the challenge:

Nicely done Jenny! I accept the challenge. #staytuned https://t.co/vOQcSD0fli

— Heidi Watney (@HeidiWatney) August 16, 2015

Last night, Heidi fulfilled her promise on “Quickpitch,” ending the episode with a walk-off Ice Bucket Challenge:


A tad mundane, but remember you thirsty fiends, it’s for charity.

Also, the non-behind the scenes version of it was a little more exciting:

[Heidi Watney- IG]