James Harrison Took Away His Kids' Participation Trophies Because He's The Man

This is AWESOME. James Harrison will have none of this participation trophy BS. Do you know who he is? You’re giving participation trophies to kids who’s dad walked on in college, went undrafted, played in effing Europe, and wound up being a Defensive Player of the Year. You have to earn everything in his household, nothing is just handed to you. So when you come home from a game with a participation trophy, daddy is snatching that thing away immediately.
In the dumb PC world we live in today, there’s is probably going to be some outrage over this. People who think everyone should be rewarded when they’ve done nothing will scold this. But looking over the comments, it seems to be a wide majority of people praising Harrison. That’s pretty surprising to me.

Lou Holtz's Hands Doing Work At Twin Peaks
Lou Holtz's Hands Doing Work At Twin Peaks
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