In The Most Shocking News Ever, JR Smith Has Gotten Engaged


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I can’t believe it. Never in a billion years would I have ever thought this would happen. I mean seriously, can you really believe that a guy who said this…



would become a husband who gives the rest of his life to one woman? No way. Do I think it’s actually going to last? No chance. JR doesn’t stick to one woman, he’s a hound — he’s always on the prowl looking to lay pipe at all times of the day. His fiance is the mother of his daughter, and I’m sure he got himself in the doghouse somehow, and was basically forced to propose to get out. I find it hard to believe JR willing wants to walk down the aisle.

If he actually really wants to get married, then I wish them well. But all I can say is married JR is going to be the worst JR.