Selfish Florida Man Changes Tire in the Middle of Freeway, Causes Traffic Jam


Usually proper protocol for dealing with a flat tire is cursing immensely, and then pulling over to the side of the road to let AAA take care of business. Or, if you actually have life skills, change the tire yourself. But this isn’t how one Florida man chose to deal with the problem Tuesday.

According to WPLG Local 10, a driver on the I-95 decided to change his flat tire in the middle lane — the details:

In the middle of peak drive time, the unknown driver with a flat tire decided it was best to stop his car in a middle lane instead of pulling off to the side of the road.

It was then that the gentlemen risked his life and those of other commuters by getting out of the car and changing his front left tire.

In the middle of rush hour?! That’s how you know as a human being that you have no conscience whatsoever. There’s nothing commuters hate more than crappy drivers who prolong an already horrific drive.

On the plus side, this guy may have a future on a NASCAR pit crew.