Busted Coverage Podcast #6 – Time To Interrupt Pat From Toledo



I promised you guys that I wouldn’t let Pat from Toledo do it again. I wouldn’t let him just ramble on about meaningless Notre Dame garbage for like 10 minutes, which would take up the time I have on the radio. He tried it again this morning and it was time to start digging for facts on Pat.

• He’s 49

• He doesn’t own a Catholics vs. Convicts shirt

• Pat can’t forgive Clemson fans for the way they treated Tony Rice (who was from just down the road from Clemson) when he became the Notre Dame QB and led them to the national championship; the Irish play at Clemson in October.

Plenty of laughs this morning. Felt refreshed after taking a week off. Came out strong bashing people who hate preseason NFL games and just kept rolling.

Grade: A-

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