Affleck’s Nanny’s New Lexus, Paige Spiranac Explains Viral Golf Videos & Amish BBN Buggy

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Little kids playing baseball. Adults playing baseball. Baseball. Baseball. Baseball. However, there’s always the chance that the NFL figures out some weird way to steal away viewers with some sort of crazy situation like a starting QB having his jaw broken. It happens. Could happen tonight. Could happen Thursday. You just never know.

Affleck’s nanny just bragging about living the good life

Kendall Jenner in this after a workout

Sign the petition to have the Pope bless Sam Bradford’s knees

Hot golfer Paige Spiranac explains how to make viral video

Best part of ‘Hard Knocks’ — Redskins practice field line

Amish buggy has BBN sticker

When cheating girlfriends on Snapchat get awkward

Meet Scarlett from Salisbury U.

DeAngelo Hall Getting Worked Over on Hard Knocks Video of the Week

I could watch this literally a hundred times over. #HardKnocks

— Jordan Ray (@JordanLRay) August 12, 2015

Sandwich of the Day

KFC's new chicken sandwich looks like it's ready to replace Meek Mill on the #PinkPrintTour

— First We Feast (@firstwefeast) August 12, 2015

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