CMT Fat Shames At The Cowboys Cheerleader Tryouts

Subtle fat shaming is still fat shaming, Cowboys cheerleader brass. Sure, blame it on the editing from CMT during the first episode of the new season of Making The Team. I get it, this is reality TV and CMT might’ve been a little liberal with editing. It wouldn’t be a reality show first.
However, I have a hard time believing that a billion dollar operation like the Cowboys doesn’t have some oversight as to how these final edits reflect on the organization. I’ve been to Jerry’s World. Nothing gets past that guy. You’re telling me he doesn’t get a peek at these episodes before they air?
I’m just kidding! LOLOLOLOL…this is the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader tryouts. If you have some belly jiggling, you better believe CMT is going to show that. Nothing makes fat people watching a cheerleader show happier than a woman with some floppy skin (just gave birth?) flopping around.
CMT just giving its viewers what they want.
[Watch: Making the Team – CMT]
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