Saints Fan Inmate Has “Who Dat” Tattooed On His Forehead

We’ve seen some scummy sports fans who’ve gotten arrested over the years, and we might have just found the scummiest. This Saints fan, who’s already in jail and was being transferred, got arrested again and provided us with this fantastic mug shot.

Metairie man booked w/sexual battery after jailers say he got handsy with 2 deputies @NOLANews

— Ken Daley (@Ken_Daley) August 7, 2015 has more details:

An arrest report says Edwards was handcuffed in the front and seated on a bench Monday in the day room of Orleans Parish Parish, during transfer to the Templeman V building. Officials said that’s when he suddenly lunged forward and grabbed a deputy’s testicles. The deputy’s condition was not disclosed.

And six sheriff’s deputies had to come to the aid of two others on Tuesday, records show, when they said Edwards became violent again Tuesday inside a transport van that had brought him to the Municipal Court’s sally port entrance. The report said Edwards was kicking the van’s glass windows and “swinging around a metal stepstool inside the van.”

So this dude is a complete psychopath, grabbing a policeman’s balls, kicking and screaming, all with a “Who Dat” tat. What he originally got arrested for hasn’t been released so we don’t have his original mugshot, to see if he got the tattoo in jail or not. I’ll say this, if he got the tattoo as a free man he probably should’ve just been thrown in jail right away, because you know he was going to do something crazy. Sometimes you gotta take preventative measures.