Rent Gronk's Party Bus For Your Big Party Night

The Gronk financial empire has done it again. Rob and his team took the Gronk Party Bus idea and brilliantly turned it into a business called Gronk Bus LLC and they want to change the way you party in the Boston area.
That’s right, you’ll now be able to rent out the YO SOY FIESTA 2015 FORD F550 LIMO COACH for events. It’s a dream come true, right? This just changed the Boston wedding scene forever. There will be brides 50 years from now who’ll flip through their wedding photos and there it will be — the Gronk Party Bus and the wedding party saluting with Bud Lights. Brides will look back to the good old days when they had the night of their lives in Gronk’s Bus with Papa Gronk’s jersey #69.
This really is a mammoth day for not only brides, but also for Gronk’s retirement plants. Some morons buy restaurants and lose their fortune. Some guys get into speculative real estate (Mark Brunell) and lose their fortune. Some guys gamble it away (Antoine Walker). Some guys lose it all to baby mamas or won’t pay their baby mamas. Gronk went out and bought himself a Yo Soy Fiesta 2015 Ford F550, threw on a wrap and now has the baddest moving billboard in all of New England.
Now that is investing. Team Gronk didn’t need a Harvard business degree to figure out this business. They do what they know and do it well. Papa Gronk is in the weight lifting business. He owns stores from Buffalo to Columbus and beyond. These guys know weights, football and partying. And now they’re cashing in on all three.
So here’s the deal:
• You can rent Yo Soy Fiesta from a minimum of 4 hours to 12 hours (I assume they’ll rent it even longer if you want to get extra crazy)
• Has a stripper pole
• 26″ Flat screen front TV behind driver’s wall
• Custom Dupont Conan bars with large cooler space
• Premium Sound System including:
• Rockford Fosgate Stereo w/ 4 subwoofers; AM/FM/CD/DVD surround sound system (Dual Zone)
• Simulated Wood Flooring (Altro)
• Black Privacy window shades
Not listed. You need to complete the reservation page, but we do know it’s $75/night if you want access to the bus bathroom.
Rent the bus for 4 hours and Yo Soy Fiesta will be loaded with plenty of Body Armor, ice, water and soft drinks. BYOB. Rent it for six hours and Gronk will throw in t-shirts for all riders. Rent for eight hours and Gronk will throw in an autographed football.
This really is a great day for capitalism and partying in New England. Memories — good and bad — are about to be made for life.
[Rent Gronk’s Yo Soy Fiesta Bus]


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