Washington Redskins Fan Is Back With Mulch Yard Art Project





How do I know? Because Redskins fan Clevane Gillespie Sr. is finally done with his 2015 Redskins landscaping. You’ve seen Clevane’s yard over the years in different variations. He’s improved his landscaping game over the years and now has a masterpiece created with mulch.

Seriously, those are mulch beds.

According to CSN Washington:

The 2015 version of Gillespie’s lawn is especially impressive, but it wasn’t a project that involved much teamwork. Gillespie said the lawn took somewhere between two-and-a-half and three months to complete — and he did it mostly on his own.

“My routine is that I wake up around 6 in the morning, and sometimes, I work until 9 at night, if you can believe that. I love to design,” he said.

There is one person who is around to watch Gillespie’s create his masterpiece, though, and that’s his wife Bettie (she, too, is a ‘Skins fan. She tells everyone she pretty much has to be after marrying Clevane). Her lone job is to make sure that the 56-year-old takes water breaks and doesn’t tire himself out.

The yard is in North Chesterfield, Va. Ask around. Someone will point you to Clevane’s house.

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