Paige Spiranac’s Pre-Shot Waggle Has Some Serious Hip Movement


It’s safe to say that Paige Spiranac is the most exciting thing to happen to women’s golf in a while, and she’s not even playing on the LPGA tour (yet)! However, we got a little worried when Paige mentioned to CBS DC that she had some concerns about how LPGA veterans would view her Instagram page, which features the former SDSU golfer presenting the game in what some might call, an “aesthetically pleasing” format.

Could those concerns lead to Paige eventually toning down the social media fun? Perhaps. But for now, it looks like Paige has quelled our fears and is fully embracing her social media fame. As you can see above, Paige recently took to the links to address the “odd” hip movement during her waggle:

_paige.renee Apparently I move my hips funny when I waggle. I have no idea what you are all talking about…

We here at BC are also inclined to say that we have no idea what the people are talking about.

[Paige Spiranac- IG]

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