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Mike Hessman has been around so long…

…that Chipper Jones was one of his minor league teammates — or so he says. Chipper was out of the minors full-time by 1993. Hessman was 18 in 1996, but we’ll take Chipper’s word for it. Maybe Chipper was thinking Spring Training…or he was drinking last night. Think about how unlikely it is to hit 433 MiLB home runs. You can’t hit for average or you’d get called up to the majors. You have to be a pretty damn good guy because Hessman is now 37, which is a 10 year age difference from the rest of the Mud Hens roster. You have to be good with your money because Triple-A guys aren’t getting paid anything. Some say that salary is about $2,150 a month. You have to hit home runs and pretty much nothing else — the most games Hessman played in a MiLB season was 134.

Casinos are about to change to the future

Do you love a giant room filled with slot machines at your favorite Vegas casino? Those days are about to be over. Here’s what the future looks like and it won’t include slot machines like you played over the weekend.

Numbers fromĀ @amygillsports:

Hessman is in his 19th season in the minors. The old HR record held for more than 60 years (Oakland Oak’s Buzz Arlett).

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