Bama Pajama Pants Wearing Punk Pulls Heist On Mississippi Hotel


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Come on Bama fans, you’re better than this. Just kidding, no you aren’t. Who robs a Mississippi hotel in Bama pajama pants? This punk that Columbus, MS are hunting for a July 31 robbery of a Quality Inn.

WCBI is on the case:

Surveillance video shows the man pulling the gun from his waist. Investigators say he first came in asking for a quote on a room for the night.

He wore a dark hat, white shirt, and University of Alabama pajama pants.

Thanks to Stuart P. for sending an alert on this one. This is just another example of how embedded BC is in the criminal case community. We have people all across this country looking for scumbag fans pulling robberies and other criminal activity. I remember a few years ago there was some idiot on Twitter who would rip me for posting sports robberies. “Nobody cares,” was his claim. Why was he so worried about what I was doing? No idea, but I do know people care about sports fan criminals. The emails and tweet tips speak for themselves.

I had a guy send me a link last night to a Broncos fan who pulled a gun on a cop. You know how I know an Internet bit is working? Readers keep sending me links.

Suck it, ‘Nobody cares’ guy.

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