Patriots Bro Wants To Tell Tom Brady “I Love You….Will You Marry Me”

How do @Patriots fans feel about #TomBrady? Watch below….. Any questions? #FOX25 #Deflategate

— Michael Henrich (@MichaelHenrich) July 30, 2015


I know some of you out there think all the extra love for Tom Brady from Patriots fans seems fake and this is all just a joke right now. You watched the video above. Did it look like that bro was joking? Not a bit. That’s straight from the heart.

Patriots bro really wants to marry Tom Brady. Looks straight to me, which makes all the more interesting. Patriots bro would go gay for Tom. That’s the stage we’re at right now.

Honestly, I don’t even know if there’s a stage higher than going gay for your hero. Where do you go from there? Would someone give up an arm for Tom if he was in a tragic accident and lost his throwing arm after half his windshield slashed it off? I don’t even know if that’s a stage higher than going gay. So you have an arm chopped off. That doesn’t seem so tragic to a true fan.

Hopefully this runs tonight onĀ . I need to know if fans would do something even crazier for Tom.

Here’s what it looked like today at camp: