Kate Upton Fake Smoking, Toothless Buckeyes Fan & Steelers Fan Robs Dollar Store

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Football is back! Football is back! Football is back!

How do I know football is back? Jerry Jones is wobbling around Oxnard with a new hip, Coach Cal was at Steelers camp, DJs are playing music, Tebow is in pads and The Buckeye Guy is getting his cowboy hat shaped for the run to a back-to-back campaign in Columbus. It’s here. People in the midwest are tired of their pools after like six weeks of use. They’re done with the family trips because high school practices are starting. The tailgating vehicles are getting serviced. Oil changes are being performed. Jerseys are being purchased. New tattoos are being revealed. It might as well be early October around the Great Lakes.

Help might be on the way for downtown Las Vegas tourists

There’s a proposed ordinance that would create performance zones for those annoying morons on Fremont Street who clog up the area with their “performances.”

Numbers fromĀ @ToddFuhrman:

Interesting prop for low limits offshore: Will an football player win the Heisman trophy? Yes +560 / No -820 (via )