Former UCLA Cheerleader Rachel Paul Loses 145 Pounds on ‘Extreme Weight Loss’

We give love to UCLA cheerleaders all the time on BC, but we’re going to change it up a bit today.

Former UCLA Bruin Rachel Paul has enjoyed a lot of success in her life. She was captain of the Bruins’ dance team, landed a Master’s Degree after college and translated her cheer knowledge into four National Championships as the head coach of Notre Dame High School’s varsity cheerleading team.

But despite all the success, Rachel had one major problem in her life: she overate upon discovering her then-boyfriend had cheated on her. According to the Santa Monica Mirror, she ballooned to over 300 pounds and applied to be on the ABC show, “Extreme Weight Loss”:

“It was the first time I’d seen a scale,” she admitted. “I was over 300 pounds, and I realized I really had a problem.”

Luckily, Rachel was able to bring the hurt to her demons on the show, and lost a staggering 145 pounds with the help of trainers Chris and Heidi Powell.

Oh, and she’ll probably be able to fit into this old thing and dance like she used to.

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