Still Mad I Didn’t Meet April Rose At The Brickyard 400



Declining attendance, lack of passing, lack of energy from a track that doesn’t see much passing and a general feeling that it has lost its importance. The powers at Indianapolis Motor Speedway are trying to figure out the solution to shrinking ticket sales and how they can bring back the crowds that once jammed IMS for the Brickyard 400.

Well, IMS is off to a good start by having April Rose’s (@tweetAprilRose) presence on pit road over the weekend. She had one of the coveted hot passes which allows you to be about 10 feet from a tire change. I had one, too. The big issue is that I didn’t go the right way on pit road to meet her. I went right at victory lane. She was to the left. Yep, I failed at NASCAR pit road roulette.

Here’s what I missed:



More of this, NASCAR. You need hot chicks just crawling around pit road. Have camera crews showing shots of them during yellow flags. Have the video guy showing crazy fans in the crowd. Crazy signs. Guys bonging beers. People passed out in the stands. A place like Indy needs to create an atmosphere where a guy goes back to work and talks about the fan experience to his boys. They get jealous and talk about going next year.

NASCAR and IMS need to remember that it’s the crazy people who will actually buy tickets. They’re going to provide the free entertainment. Use them! A group of guys in their late 20s are going to see those crazy fans on video boards and tell their boys back home. You’re creating a viral fan destination. You know how U.S. Soccer has all those fake patriotic fans? NASCAR needs to do a better job of creating fake NASCAR fans. Those fake fans crow on social media about how cool the experience is (and the race isn’t the experience) and their buddies get super jealous.

How to start saving NASCAR

• More areas to stand, drink and be social…in the shade.

• Walk-around experience where you can drink from all sorts of different stations and watch the action

• Pit road drinking suites…figure out how to let bros get as close to those pits and drink as possible

• Load up the pit road sky boxes with famous people; get a camera on them as much as possible

• More April Roses

• Kiss cam like every 30 minutes…even if the race is under green flag

• T-shirt launchers…people will lose their minds over free t-shirts you printed for like a dollar

So we start with more April Roses on pit road and on the video boards. Stop acting like guys are really into the race. They want to party right on the action and take selfies.


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