Evander Kane & Girlfriend Mara Teigen Have Been Busy This Summer


And by busy, I meant that the divisive NHLer Evander Kane and girlfriend/model Mara Teigen, no relation to blowhard Chrissy, really haven’t done much besides hit a movie premiere, drink some booze in Vegas and drive around in Kane’s Lambo. You know, the kind of summer that young most couples have in California minus the Lambo.

Kane, who pissed off his teammates in Winnipeg and pretty much douche’d his way out of town, now goes to Buffalo where direct flights from LAX don’t exist. Seriously, Mara will have to make a connection to visit her Mastercard during the season. Imagine the drama that’s going to cause. HUGE DRAMA.

As for Mara’s bio, all we really know is that she was — according to her Facebook account — she was born in 1994. Her day job is to be hot for the infamous Wilhelmina agency. It’s pretty much the New York Yankees of hot chicks who model. We also know that her Mastercard is about to make $6M playing for the Sabres. Life is pretty good right now for these two.

Let’s see if love can last when one calls Buffalo home for an entire winter.

[Mara Teigen – IG]

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