Colin Cowherd’s New LA House, Arenas Destroys Fair & Manute Bol’s Giant Son


daily dump


You’ll probably want to watch some of NFL Live at 4 because they’re going live at camps. That should keep you busy for 30 minutes. Other than that it’s a desert out there. Maybe you’ll get a police chase. Maybe you’ll get a moron proposing on the Bachelorette…just kidding, he already did that. FS1 has Yankees-Rangers. Do what you need to do today. Try to survive.


Take a tour of Colin Cowherd’s new LA house

Rob Schneider’s house burglarized, prized baseball card stolen

Joe Namath joins search for missing teen boaters

Gilbert Arenas destroyed Orange Co. Fair basketball carnival game

UFCer takes one of the most painful nut shots I’ve ever seen

Manute Bol’s son is becoming a force…15 and 6-11!

Florida: Bank robber takes sucker before hitting the road

Meet Laura from Florida International U.

WWE Finishing Move of the Week

Sandwich of the Day

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