Suspect Wearing Tiki Barber Jersey Leads Police on Chase Through New Jersey and Philadelphia

It’s only July, but we may have an early candidate for police chase of the year.
After two hours, Philadelphia police were finally able to apprehend a slick driving armed robber — who was wearing a Tiki Barber jersey (!) — with a pit maneuver, which sent his white van tumbling. According to NBC Philadelphia, the chase began in New Jersey before the suspect went through a slew of freeways that ultimately ended in Philly:

The suspect then led police on a wild chase through I-95 onto the Walt Whitman Bridge, I-295, Blackhorse Pike, Camden, Gloucester City, I-676 back into Camden, back onto the Walt Whitman Bridge, Route 42 South, Route 55 South, the parking lot of the Deptford Mall in Deptford Township, back onto Route 42 northbound, back onto I-676 and onto the Ben Franklin Bridge back into Philly.
The suspect then continued through Chestnut Street onto Front Street towards Arch before turning onto York Street and Frankford Avenue. The van then traveled onto Lehigh Avenue and back onto I-95 around 9:30 p.m.
While on I-95, police vehicles appeared to have the van boxed in and surrounded. The van managed to weave out of the police vehicles and escape however and the pursuit continued.

And they’re not joking about this Tiki fan weaving through vehicles — check him out lulling the police to sleep before hitting the hole and escaping:

As for the status of Tiki fan, it looks like he survived his van rolling over, but he’s probably not thrilled about being taken into custody by Philly police:

The aftermath:

And the best of Twitter:

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