Busted Coverage Podcast 4: I Let Paul In Toledo Talk Way Too Long



So I learned a valuable radio lesson today on the Morning Blitz with Anthony Bellino and Chris Burns. Some guy named Paul in Toledo — a Notre Dame fan — wanted to talk college football and proceeded to go on some long-winded speech about how Notre Dame will be a team to watch for this fall. I just let it go because it’s Anthony’s show and I don’t want to step on any toes this early in my live radio career.

And then Paul says don’t be shocked when Tennessee beats Alabama — ON THE ROAD. Then I snapped. That hasn’t happened in over a decade and Bama will have either the #1 or #2 defense in the nation. You have guys like Paul in Toledo just spouting off like this and I won’t take it. Not on my Friday when I bust ass to get to the radio studio.

You might hear a reference to Jim Blue, a local TV guy, never aging. This is Jim. He looked like this 20+ years ago when I’d watch him on a Dayton station.



Overall grade: I’ll give myself a B+ today. Really kicking myself for letting Paul in Toledo go too long. It won’t happen again. Still feeling out my spot on Fridays. Feel like it’s time to bring on my own guests like Lisa Ann.


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