Trump NASCAR Truck, Buckeyes At Tattoo Shop & Britt McHenry’s Dress

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I’m fishing this morning

I’m sure you don’t care where I’m at, what I’m doing, what I do with my free time, etc. Thought I’d get out of the office this morning to do some fishin’ on Lake Erie with the family. Just a quick trip. Go out, slay the fish, eat a sub, head home to work the afternoon shift. My chances to get away from BC are few and far between so you gotta feed your family when you get the chance. Fish filets for days.

Downtown Vegas is still downtown Vegas

Missed this one earlier this month. Seems that some guy stole the Blarney Stone at the D, but he returned it. The gambler blamed tequila for his actions. Been there done that in Vegas. It happens.

Numbers fromĀ @RJinVegas:

ESPN taking $250 Million in advertising from DraftKings over next two years