Looks Like Jarret Stoll & Erin Andrews Are All Good Now

Hand on Pageviews’ ass, workin’ on a Pacifico las week at a post-Nickelodeon awards show party, everything seems to be just fine between cocaine mule Jarret Stoll and his engagement ring hungry girlfriend Erin Andrews. It would’ve been very easy for Pageviews to kick Stoll to the curb after being caught with coke at a Vegas pool, but she stuck with him and now it appears she’s in this for the long haul.
This is an interesting situation for Stoll. I’ve said time and time again that Pageviews isn’t getting younger — now 37 — and she’s desperate for an engagement ring. She seems to be so desperate that she’ll stick with a cocaine mule who showed up on TMZ for all the wrong reasons.
US Weekly and People both freaked out over these two going to the public event on Thursday.

An onlooker tells Us Weekly that Andrews also hung out with Erin Foster. They sat on a sofa near the bar and watched people take snapshots in the photo booth.

Ooooooohhh, Erin Foster! No clue who that is.
Look the real story here is that Pageviews is so comfortable with Stoll that she’ll let him palm that ass in public. And drink. This guy might as well marry her. It doesn’t get much better than this and she’ll probably make plenty of money over the next ten years before her career is over.
Put a ring on it, Stoll.
Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

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