Collinsworth With Lisa Ann, Rex Ryan Skydiving & Barkley’s Swing

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Tiger Woods vs. LPGA field right now…who you got? 

You have to take the LPGA field, right? This question came up this morning during my now normal Friday hour of radio on Fox Sports Toledo. I’ll post the podcasts later. Running a little behind here. Anyway, the logical answer here right now is to take the LPGA field vs. Tiger on a 6,700 yard course like the ladies are playing this week in NW Ohio. Think about this for a minute. You’d be putting Tiger on a course with like 100 women. That’s like putting a social butterfly in solitary confinement. He’s going to go nuts and it would easily throw off his golf game. Give me the field.

Scorched earth policy from the Trumpster

Now Trump is going after Penn Jillette. Trump just can’t stop being awesome right now. He’s the guy just firing off the best tweets/quotes in the business and he knows there isn’t a guy out there with the balls to go face-to-face with him.

Numbers from @RJinVegas :

$275 Million investment rd for Fan Duel. Valued at $1.3 BILLION! Investors include Google, Time Warner, NBC Sports, Comcast.