Buy This Retro Seahawks Shaggin Wagon — $1,500


These days, it’s rare to come across a Craigslist ad that has a genuine feel — everyone’s just spewing out transparent BS that ends up wasting people’s time. That definitely isn’t the case here, so if you’re a Seahawks fan looking for a tailgate van for the new season … we have an interesting option for you.

Coming in hot from Skagit County, Washington is this retro Seahawks themed 1983 Dodge “shaggin wagon.” For those old enough to remember this is the color scheme for the Seahawks teams of the late 70s-early 80s.

Hilarious details from the seller:

Bought this fine piece of American ingenuity with a few buddies with intentions on making it the ultimate summer party van. Beautifully patina’d and retro seahawks colors were some of many things my mom did not appreciate.. But lucky to you, you probably dont live with your mom. So here i am selling a piece of my recently acquired soul. Is it super powerful? No. Is the paint perfect? No. Is the interior perfect? No. Does it get to point A to point B with mild fashion? yesssss

According to the seller, the only cons you’ll come across are a weird transmission and a need for replacement brake shoes. He also says that the van “may or may not come with a couch.” (Basically, this thing definitely comes with a couch.)