Abigail Ratchford In Seahawks Gear…Before She Was Famous



Got an email today from a reader who had some Abigail Ratchford photos for Busted.

“I paid Abby to take these photos in late 2013, way before she got really big, was going to help with a Northwest sports blog built around the Seahawks but it all fell thru…just came across them the other day…felt they shouldn’t go to waste.”

Tell you right now that we have some of the best readers/friends in the sports blogging game. I’ve said it over and over again: Busted wouldn’t be Busted without fans out there sending stuff like this. We appreciate all of you.

I remember the days when models would send us bathroom mirror selfies. BC went on a helluva run around 2012-2013. Then things started to shift to IG and the models kinda ruined the sports gear mirror selfie game because they watered it down.

Still say, however, that the fastest way to become a hot commodity model on IG, Twitter, Facebook, etc. is to pose in sports gear. Message board guy will go nuts. You’ll drive entire cities crazy and probably get a couple modeling contracts out of it.

Ratchford now has 1.4 million IG followers and a career in Los Angeles.  Dreams do come true, ladies.