Urban Meyer's Vacation Goatee Growing In On Put-In-Bay [UPDATE]

Urban Meyer told the assembled Buckeyes media at the beginning of July that he had simple plans for his upcoming vacation and had no interest in thinking of Ohio State as being the hunted this season.

“My thought right now is that I’m on vacation for 2 weeks so I’m deciding to grow a goatee or just let it go,” said Meyer.

And then he jumped on a boat for Middle Bass Island on Lake Erie — also known as party town Put-In-Bay — for vacation. And let the goat grow.
So there have been Urban goat sightings at Fishbowl and Mossbacks, on the Jet Express ferry wearing his blue Jet coat and having breakfast practically unnoticed at Rudder’s on Catawba Island.
Barely noticed. Just blending in with all the other 50-year-old Ohio men with goatees on a Lake Erie island this time of year. His 51st birthday is on Friday. Maybe he’ll get nuts and end up at the Roundhouse singing “Hang on Sloopy” with Mad Dog Adams. Maybe have a few at Frosty’s and then a few more at Beer Barrel just to see if any of his old friends are bellied up to the 400-foot bar?
Did you spot the GOAT on vacation? Let us know.
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Update: Now he’s doing dishes. Your move, Harbaugh.





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