Marcus Mariota Went Swimming With His Buddies Over The 4th

I’ve been wondering what Marcus Mariota is up to now that he has that big contract…whoops, Mariota is the only first rounder who doesn’t have a contract right now. It’s not a money issue with the Titans — the NFL labor deal limits what he can make, which will be just a little bit less than the $25.4 that Jameis will earn — that is holding up the signing of a contract.
The big sticking point is over contract language.

Such language in a contract protects the team if a player is released and signs with another franchise. If that happens and such language is in the deal, the team is able to subtract what the player earns from his new club from what it owes to the player.

In the meantime, Mariota was back in Oregon doing some lake swimming with his former Oregon teammates. No surfing (as was reported for the contract delay), just basic lake swimming.
Were you worried that Mariota would be destroying some Vegas pool with his boys? Have no fear, this guy seems like he’s into a nice potato salad and a beautiful lake.
[Oregon 247 Sports]

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