Roy Halladay Pulled Over Twice By Same Police Officer

It’s been a rough day on the road for two-time CY Young Award winner Roy Halladay.
After countless years of boasting a spotless driving record, Doc’s bid for road perfection hit a snag when he was caught driving 58 mph in a 45 mph zone:

Honestly, that’s an iffy ticket at best. If we’re to assume Doc got his license right at 16-years-old, that means he’s been a reasonable driver for 22 years. Sure, there were probably times he wasn’t caught, but clearly the guy’s been doing something right on the road to avoid tickets for this long. Perhaps he was ticketed because the cop saw him take a selfie? That would definitely make sense.
But wait, Doc’s Tuesday road adventures aren’t done just yet! He apparently got pulled over again hours later … by the same officer:

Pray for Roy folks, he’s being hounded by an unruly traffic cop. (Or he’s just a serial speeder.)

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