Rex Ryan Meets His Eating Idol, Ray-Ray’s Do-Rag & A Reds Robber

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Golden Age of Baseball

Did you see the name of the A.L. relievers who’ll pitch in the All-Star Game? What a great era of baseball we’re living in. This is what happens when PEDs are banned from baseball. You end up with a bunch of guys the casual fan has never heard of. You know what we’re lacking in baseball from the stars? Personalities that aren’t shaped by some brand. Give me a name of a guy who has personality that isn’t named Bryce Harper. I’m constantly beaten over the head by baseball dorks who swear this is a great era of baseball because it’s all about analytics and that ratings are threw the roof for local television. Whatever. Sports need drama. Baseball has zero drama.

Milwaukee Bucks owner holding Wisconsin hostage

The owner wants a new basketball arena and is telling Wisconsin that he’ll just take his team to Vegas or Seattle if they don’t give him $250 million for an arena. That’s right, he wants the taxpayers to build him an arena that he’ll profit from. Just move, asshole. Take your team and get out of town. I have no idea why people would pay taxes to build these assholes new arenas. Find someone else to fleece, you prick.

Numbers fromĀ @ESPNStatsInfo:

J.D. Martinez: 11th HR in last 13 games for Tigers!