Buy This Missouri Tigers Tailgate ‘Zou Bus’ — $6,490

Do you consider yourself to be the gold standard in Missouri Tigers fandom? If so, an opportunity to cement that title for good has arisen, as the infamous tailgate “Zou Bus” has hit Craigslist.
$6,490 and you’re riding the tailgate that has been featured all over Missouri media outlets and Sports Illustrated. You’re not just buying a bus here, but a lifestyle.
Some information from the seller:

The ZOUBUS is a 1990 GMC Bluebird school bus that was converted in 2003 to the piece of Mizzou tailgating history that it is today. The ZOUBUS has been featured on KOMU, KMIZ, The Sporting News, The Columbia Daily Tribune, The Columbia Missourian,, and other media outlets that cover Mizzou football. The bus has the original seats on the driver’s side, and they have been covered in tiger print fabric. On the opposite side sits a long, custom made bench with textured vinyl covering and the Mizzou logo along with ZOUBUS inscribed down the side. The seats lift off to provide plenty of storage for your tailgating needs. The entire bus floor is field turf, and it has many pieces of Tiger memorabilia on the walls. The most unique and notable feature of the ZOUBUS is the ceiling. It is covered in hundreds of autographs from past and current Tiger coaches and players.

While field turf is a nice interior touch, it poses an interesting dilemma to the tailgating game. Do you impose a “no shoes” rule to keep it clean? These are the important questions you have to ask yourself.
Oh, and it’s worth noting that you might go through a Mizzou vetting process from the owners — they’re pretty serious about selling it to the right person:

We are not only looking for a buyer, but someone that wants to carry on the ZOUBUS traditions….and start their own piece of Mizzou tailgating history.


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