KBO Player Spends Extraordinary Amount of Time Watching His Home Run, Then Bat Flips


It’s a good thing the MLB doesn’t do “friendlies” with other baseball leagues around the world, because I’m pretty sure our pitchers and their UNWRITTEN RULES just wouldn’t be able to handle all of the flair coming from the batter’s box.

I mean, could you imagine Chris Archer pitching in the Korean Baseball Organization and dealing with guys like Hwang Jae-gyun from the Lotte Giants? The guy makes David Ortiz look like a saint.

Just check out the video above, Hwang popped a clutch ninth-inning home run against the NC Dinos Thursday night and basically set up shop at home plate before unloading an epic bat flip.

Good shit, Hwang, but we all know that ball wasn’t going foul.

[H/T to @1Way_2]

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