Baltimore 'Blump-Kin' 69 Bros Strike Camden Yards & Want Your Help

The Baltimore ‘Blump-kin’ 69 Orioles jersey bros struck Camden Yards last night with one of the most ingenious baseball jersey combos that Busted Coverage has ever seen. Of course you’ve seen combo jerseys worn by miserable married people like “Together-Since” and the year. Those are old news.
The Baltimore ‘Blump-kin’ 69 Orioles Bros just took the combo jersey game to the next level and they want BC readers to help them with new jersey combo ideas, according to their spokesman. That’s rigt, the ‘Blump-kin’ 69 Bros would like to stay anonymous at this point. It’s probably a smart play as to not blow their cover. You want this jersey combo team to stay off the radar of Camden Yards security? You have to play this cool and let them do superhero work.
We’ve also learned that the Blumpkin Bros spent $30 per jersey and those are definitely Chinese knockoffs. Of course we’re not going to reveal where one can get a Chinese ripoff O’s jersey because these guys are willing to drop their money on more combos.
Let me know suggestions you might have. This could get real fun. or @bustedcoverage

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