Kentucky Fans Can Search For Love On Their Very Own Dating Website


Are you a Kentucky sports fan who hasn’t had any luck finding that perfect someone on OkCupid, Tinder, eHarmony, or Christian Mingle? Well, in the very new future — tomorrow, actually — you’ll be able to sift through pages of potential matches on

That’s right, Kentucky fans, no longer will you have to wonder if your e-date has loyalties to Louisville or UCLA! You can bypass the sports talk and get right into important questions like, “How much do you make?” and “You’re not married, right?”

Additional details of the website according to the press release (via Kentucky Sports Radio):

“For people that find cheering for Kentucky sports an important part of their lives and consider it important for their potential life partner to share this interest.”
“We have developed a program that will let you search for people not only by their hair color, or location but also by what we are calling ‘fandom’,” said Sports Dating Inc. System Analyst Brandon Crabtree. “Fandom is a rating system in which you can rate how big of a fan you are.”

Oh, and you don’t have to worry about Ashley Judd joining since she’s married!

Could one of these people be your future bae?

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