Floyd Mayweather Slapping His Manny Pacquiao Dummy


On the heels of getting his mouthed taped shut by Rihanna, boxer Floyd Mayweather was more than ready to start chirping once again. His target? None other than Manny Pacquiao. Well, not the real Manny, but a dummy version.

As you can see above, Floyd addressed Manny’s shoulder injury before bitch slapping “Manny” twice.

So Manny, you out here telling people that I didn’t win fair and square? That this little arm is messed up…is that right?

Of course, that “little” arm injury was a torn rotator cuff that Manny had surgery on after the fight.

But don’t get offended everyone, Floyd was just “having fun, joking and living life.” He’s not really the type of person to rile up the public.

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