Florida Man Fired For Writing On Facebook About Marrying His Dog Named Rocco


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The gay marriage debate has gobbled up yet another victim. This time we have a married Florida man named Ryan Uhler, a digital marketing specialist in Cape Coral, getting fired for joking that hopefully one day he can marry his dog.

His employer,¬†Grace Advisory Group in Fort Myers, didn’t think it was funny and fired him. Just like that — fired.

Of course Ryan is not happy with what went down and has gone to the mainstream media with his situation.

According to WBBH:

Uhler said: “What happened was, they took it out of context.”

Trial lawyer, Scot Goldberg said the company is justified.

“I think going to the point where they’re firing someone is a little bit over the line. I think they have the ability to do that in the legal recourse to do it.”

Goldberg adds Florida is an “at will” state meaning employers don’t need to give a reason for firing without notice.

Ryan just has to take his medicine on this one. No union equals getting your ass fired for what you might say on Facebook. It’s that simple. Is it a little harsh for a company to fire a guy for saying he hopes to one day marry his dog? Sure, but it’s not like Grace Advisory Group wants to go viral for employing the guy who wants to marry his dog.

It’s a bad look. Ryan is a marketing specialist. He should understand these things. You just can’t joke these days, Ry.

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More from Ryan’s Facebook (2006):

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