Lala Anthony Shoots Topless Scene, Sean Penn With Jetes Old Girlfriend & Fans vs. Joe Buck

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I guess you’ll want to watch that US-Germany soccer match tonight on Fox Sports. You’ll also have WNBA action and more fast pitch softball. This is a huge night for those who don’t think women’s sports are boring. So ratings should be through the roof from the Twitter elites. The soccer game is on at 7. Adjust your dinner plans accordingly.
Carmelo Anthony’s wife in a topless scene
Sean Penn working on Derek Jeter’s sloppy seconds
Dutch national soccer team girlfriends invade South Beach
Buy Felix Hernandez’s house for just $3.8 million
Phillies fans helped kill Joe Buck’s Twitter account
Ohio State coach who drinks insane amounts of Red Bull is actually in shape
Suns draft pick Devin Booker palming some booty
Meet Hannah from UTSA

Minor League Catcher Doing His Job GIF of the Day

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Russ Wilson-Ciara BET Madness, Canseco House Poker & Kim K-Ray J Flag
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