Bama Fan Lights His Grill Using a Hair Dryer

In need of some barbecue tips before the big 4th of July weekend? Join the club. I usually just crash a friend’s house and leave the grilling to the poor sap who has to cook for an entire party. But if that poor sap is you this week, Bama fan Gaines Zarzour is here to show you how to light your charcoal in no time with the use of one simple tool: a hair dryer.

Gaines’ head nod tells you all you need to know about this grilling lifehack. His satisfaction is through the roof — he even gives a nod to ‘Merica in his caption:

How we light a grill in ‘Bama.#rolltide#merica@the_kirkstagram

Now, it’s worth noting that with all the sparks flying this is definitely not an ideal move if you live in a fire-prone area. Be smart out there folks, don’t kill nature.

Sidenote: This is really a thing.

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