Paulina Porizkova Still A Dime, Gary Bettman Snubbed & Blackhawks Bachelor

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Today is going to be one of the most worthless Saturdays of your summer for sports. Fox has the U.S. Senior Open in case you want to scream at them a little more. There’s also some women’s World Cup action for you soccer dorks. Other than that it looks like a good day to drink by the pool and listen to music.


• Paulina Porizkova is 50 and…LOOKS LIKE THIS!

Vegas bikini chicks spray off Blackhawks Stanley Cup bachelor

What the hell is Joel Embiid doing on THIS!?!

NHL Draft: Pick won’t shake Gary Bettman’s hand

Russian hockey league: 24 player trade went down!

OSU dad showing infant destruction of Bama footage

Kelsey Grammar killing it on Miami Beach w/his wife

Meet Heather from Georgia Southern

Chip From The Pond Golf Shot of the Week

@ClarkusAndrews getting schooled on what to do near the edge of the water #SCtop10 #legendofbillandrews

— Greg Featherston (@GregFeatherston) June 26, 2015

Sandwich of the Day

BBQ chicken sandwich!

— Start Restaurant (@StartDallas) June 27, 2015